This page is intended as a showcase of our students works.

February 2020

During February as part of the Explore Our World coursebook elementary students created these arcticles describing various animals:

Great work children, you can also watch Paul introduce the cards over on our YouTube channel. Or by using this link:


January 2019 小学生クラスB

During November and December last year students in the Elementary B classes worked on letters for Cambridge Penfriends which we swapped with Busy Bee Language school on Novi Sad, Serbia. Here are the letters our students sent.

July 2018 小学生クラスA

The younger elemenatry students have been studying about nature. So to finish the unit, a few of the children worked on these collages. In addition to learning nature vocabulary they also studied 'It is...' 'They are...' and 'on, in, under.'

Good work, children!


 During April and May the upper elementary students completed a mini-project on shopping, including shop names, time and what people do in shops.

Thank you to MacMillan English for the idea, I think the results are great.


During March students in our Elementary A classes worked on describing animals as part of the Explore Our World textbook. As an end of year project each child choose their favourite animal and had to label the various body parts and write a short piece describing it.

The resulting work was of such a high standard that we'd like to share it with you, enjoy.


Thank you for viewing.