Revamped website 
After what can only be described ten happy years using a Yahoo Japan shared server for the englishpool website I finally decided to move a system that would give us a bit more flexibilty.

The main reason for the move was the ability to be able to create a website taht would display well on many different devices. 10 years ago most people accessed websites from a laptop or desktop computer, or if you were tech savvy in Japan you'd have accessed our specially designed mobile site for phones.

10 years later, and now half the web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets which all seeminly have different display specifications, so you now need a website that can automatically adjust to the users device. Step forward CMS platforms and bootstrapable code.

Unfortunately with the new system it means this blog built with sphpblog is a little old hat. The developer seems to have stopped supporting the software and with each new release of PHP more things don't work as they should.

But there's ten years of memories held in this blog, and it would be a shame to lose everything so I've decided to keep these blog pages up as a kind of historical document of englishpool's developement.

There will be few, if any, new posts as I hope to have a new blog up and running soon.

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Recruitment Campaign 2016 

The old school year is ending, and a new year is just around the corner. Calendars have been printed, schedules are 'hopefully' set and now it's time to launch our 2016 recruitment campaign.

This year we've gone with a splash of pink on our promotional materials...looks great.
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7th Hakone-yama Ekiden 

Yet again, I'll be taking part in the annual Hakone-yama Ekiden held in Toyama Park...a stone's throw from englishpool.

This will be my sixth year of participation...although the climb up to Toyama Kindergarten doesn't get any easier. It's a deceptively grinding ascent, which is followed by a controlled stumble down the back of Hakone-yama to finish at Higashi Toyama Elementary School.

Wish me luck and if you're around tomorrow morning with nothing to do come and lend some support to all those taking part.
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6th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe 

We are proud to be taking part in the 6th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe, to held at the Shinjuku Cosmic Centre tomorrow, Sunday 7th June, from 10:00 to 15:00.

This is the fourth time we've participated, and although this year we have been busy with our new cafe venture, The Three Little Pigs and haven't been able to attend all the planning meetings, I'm genuinely excited about taking part tomorrow.

But what to read? I have a 15 minute slot to fill, which usually means two, or three books. Also this year nothing new has really caught my eye, so I'll be revisiting the books we've used before. But what to choose....?

Any requests?

And if you're in Shinjuku with kids and want to come and see me read I'll be on the small stage from 14:30 to 14:45. There's also a lot more to see from all the other contributors.

By the way 'kosodate messe' roughly translates as child-rearing festival, but don't let that put you off. The event is a showcase for many (mostly) volunteer associations involved in providing child activities.

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English Tea Room and Cafe from englishpool 

Now open! A traditional English tearoom and cafe serving tea, coffee, light lunches, cakes, biscuits, beer and wine.

Located next door to englishpool we hope to create a little slice of English life. Please feel free to drop in and relax with a cup of tea or coffee.

Open from 11:30 to 17:30 at present, closed Saturdays and some other occasional days due to other commitments. No website as of yet (I`m working on it) so please check the Facebook page at

Thank you.
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