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水, 18 3月 2020 11:11

小学生フォニックス: a can

As part of our elementary phonics (小学生フォニックス) programme, we use the Jelly and Bean books to step into reading. This is the second book in the series and has the children reading 'cat',''hat','can','man','cot' and 'hot'.


Another of Paul's favourite books, Piggybook by Anthony Browne. Listen and watch as Paul reads the story of the Piggott family, and see what happens when Mrs.Piggott decides she's had enough of cleaning up after her husband and children. Oink! Oink!

A good book to get your children/husband helping around the house!


日, 15 3月 2020 21:14

小学生フォニックス: a cat

In this video I demonstrate phonic blending some simple c-v-c words and then guide you through reading the first book in the Jelly & Bean series, 'a cat'.



  Following on from 'a bat' Paul shows you how to read some simple decodeable words before guiding you through 'a dog on a log' from the Jelly and Bean series of phonic readers.



金, 13 3月 2020 18:16

おすすめアプリ AGO Q&A

We love the AGO Question and Answer game here at englishpool but did you know there is an iphone and android application that let's your children practice the questions and answers on your phone or tablet? And it's FREE!!

Here are the links:

For iPhone:

For Android:



木, 12 3月 2020 21:37

フォニックス a bat

  This time we look at the Jelly and Bean book 'a bat', a decodeable phonic reader from Marlene Greenwood. This series of books is used in our elementary A classes, to build reading English confidence in our young learners. All words can be read with a little phonics training.


  A quick video explaining how to enter the Explore Our World on-line activities at

  Paul shows how elementary aged students in Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes can access a load of games and activities to keep their English levels up during the school closure.


月, 09 3月 2020 19:12

What's for Dinner?

    We may still be closed to children's lessons because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis but don't let that stop you learning some new words! I've made this video for our Elementary B/C students (小学生B/C) to introduce the vocabulary used in the final unit of their textbook, Explore Our World level 3. It may be aimed at our upper-elementary aged students but don't let that stop you watching and learning some new words!



  We may be closed to children's lessons becuase of the ongoing coronavirus crisis but let me share this reading of Albie by Andy Cutbill with you.

  It's one of my favourite children's books and most of our students will have had it read to them, at least once!!


日, 01 3月 2020 22:39

Smartest Giant in Town Craft

  We recently used The Smartest Giant in Town book, to great effect, in our Kinder classes while learning clothing vocabulary. The children were asking for a craft, so I created this simple printable Smartest Giant in Town craft. After reading the book, the children cut everything out and then have to match George's clothing with the animal helped in the story. It actually worked surprisingly well and generated a lot of extra language as they tried to remember what had helped who!

  You can download the free printable Smartest Giant in Town craft from this link; .

   I would suggest printing it on light card stock.

   Did you know, that in the U.S,, The Smartest Giant in Town is published as The Spiffiest Giant in Town!