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日, 29 3月 2020 17:11

Animal News

  During February, children in our elementary B & C classes (小学生B&C) worked on producing cards to introduce various animals from around the world. Facts discovered included the animals country of origin, habitat and various other features. Watch Paul as he introduces each child's card.

  You can also find the cards in our Student Gallery.



火, 24 3月 2020 22:55

Animal Quiz

 Today we have some fun with our large collection of finger-puppets and a cardboard theatre set.

 Paul will give a hint, or clue, for an animal. can you guess what it is before the curtain comes up and reveals the answer?

 Have fun!


  Paul runs through some of the years's previous vocabulary (Places Around Town) reviews directions and finishes with a review of vocabulary from unit 8, and the questions "Is there any...?" and "Are there any.....?" before giving a topical example with toilet paper and facemasks.


土, 21 3月 2020 12:19

Looking Forward

 As we enter the 4th week of our temporary closure due to coronavirus Covid-19, we are are starting turn our minds to the new school year.

   All being well, we hope to reopen englishpool to children's classes from the second week of April, as usual after the school spring break. To that effect today we've put details of our children's courses on the window, as with nothing happening inside englishpool we were in danger of looking like we'd closed permanently! Which is definitely not the case!

  PLEASE NOTE: Of course this is all dependent on the current advice from the government, both national and local, but basically if the Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools return then we will follow their lead.



水, 18 3月 2020 20:42

フォニックス a box

Paul helps you read 'a box', the third book in the Jelly and Bean series by Marlene Greenwood. He also attempts to demonstrate 'a cat in a big box'!










ポール先生は、お隣の<THE THREE LITTLE PIGS さんびきのこぶた>に土日もずっとおりますので



水, 18 3月 2020 11:11

小学生フォニックス: a can

As part of our elementary phonics (小学生フォニックス) programme, we use the Jelly and Bean books to step into reading. This is the second book in the series and has the children reading 'cat',''hat','can','man','cot' and 'hot'.


Another of Paul's favourite books, Piggybook by Anthony Browne. Listen and watch as Paul reads the story of the Piggott family, and see what happens when Mrs.Piggott decides she's had enough of cleaning up after her husband and children. Oink! Oink!

A good book to get your children/husband helping around the house!


日, 15 3月 2020 21:14

小学生フォニックス: a cat

In this video I demonstrate phonic blending some simple c-v-c words and then guide you through reading the first book in the Jelly & Bean series, 'a cat'.



  Following on from 'a bat' Paul shows you how to read some simple decodeable words before guiding you through 'a dog on a log' from the Jelly and Bean series of phonic readers.