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日, 20 10月 2019 10:42

Penfriends 2019

  This month all our upper elementary (小学生) students are taking part in the Cambridge English Penfriends (ペンフレンド).

  We are now in our third year of exchanging message cards with English lanaguage schools around the world. It's always a pleasure to see our students get excited about communicating with children in other countries, and it gives them a real boost to their English studies.

  Our cards are almost all completed, so now it's a matter of waiting for the replies!

  In the meantime you can view englishpool's profile on the Cambridge English Penfriends site.

土, 12 10月 2019 08:33

Typhoon Hagibis (台風19号)


  Due to Tyhphoon Hagibis englishpool will be closed all day today、Saturday 12th October.

  Wherever you are, please have a safe weekend!



月, 07 10月 2019 08:53

Gingerbread People

  Tried this fun craft in our kinder class on Saturday. We are currently learning body vocabulary and while the Head Shoulders Knees and Toes song works great, I really struggle to get the children to remember 'arms' and 'legs'.

  Hopefully the gingerbread people (not men as I think they all made girls!) will reinforce their learning.


  It's that time of year again; the night's are drawing in, and even though it's still 30 degrees outside, it can only mean that the englishpool Halloween Party (ハロウィンパーティー) is near.

  This year's parties will take place on October 27th.

  Sprouts (スプラウツ) and Kinder (キンダー) students from 14:30 to 16:00.

  Elementary (小学生) students from 16:30 to 18:00.

  Happy Halloween!

火, 01 10月 2019 08:47

Odd Couple

 Something to brighten up your Tuesday. The children in our Saturday Kinder class (キンダークラス) created this odd couple on the school's whiteboard.

 A combination of marker pens and cut-outs from an old Apricot Learning World activity pack gave us a load of laughs, and hopefully cemented some of the body vocabulary.

金, 27 9月 2019 08:16

Inside Our House

  We had the chance this week in our Elementary A classes (小1&小2) to try the Cengage National Geographic online site My NG Connect;

  The site has of a game type feel to it, and students can choose a unit to play games, complete activities etc. all related to the targets they are learning in class. Great for reviewing!

  We tried Unit 5, Inside Our House, and I was impressed at much they enjoyed it. There were a few bits that I had to read in order for them to complete the activity, but mostly the students were able to complete most activities and games by themselves.

  For englishpool students you can find the information needed to access the My NG Connect site inside your child's textbook.


土, 21 9月 2019 15:56

In the House

  As part the Explore Our World level 2 textbook we've been looking at things found around the home, and using prepositions to describe where they are in relation to each other.,

  e.g. "Where is the refrigerator?", "It's between the sink and the stove."

 Some of the elementary classes this week have had the chance to engage in a little craft work, to further reinforce their understanding.

 Pictured above is one of their completed pictures.

木, 05 9月 2019 08:35

School Library

  Yet more books for our school library. We now have over 1,100 books available for students to take home and read. From simple picture board books, to phonic based readers for early readers, through to young adult fiction and simple readers for adult learners there's bound to be something for you to read!

火, 27 8月 2019 21:11

Eiken Test (英検)

 I was reminded tonight by our Junior High School class (中学生) that the Eiken tests(英検) are coming up soon. So we will start doing a little bit of preparation in the Junior High School, and possibly upper elementary classes, for these tests which set the benchmark of teenage English achievement in Japan.

 I am also planning to offer some Eiken second test(二次試験) lessons/practice to take away any anxiety about this seemingly nerve-racking part of the Eiken test(英検).

 P.S. To existing students' parents, if your child is planning to take an eiken test (英検) please let me know then I may be able to help them prepare.

火, 27 8月 2019 20:28

Hang Out the Laundry

  We used this idea in our young learners' Sprouts class. They were studying about clothes as part of Happy Valley Level 1 Unit 4, and we needed some kind of tactile activity to encourage them to remember the names of various clothes.

The original idea was for them to 'hang out' the laundry but in practice it proved much easier for them to 'bring in' the laundry due to small fingers and mini-sized washing pegs!