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金, 11 5月 2018 18:23

Clearwater Beach

   A big thank you to one of our English Cafe Class students who brought back this gift from her recent visit to Clearwater Beach in Florida.

   We also enjoyed munching through the Dove PROMISES chocolates she brought back and reading the messages inside each individually wrapped chocolate.

水, 09 5月 2018 10:12

Toyama Kindergarten

 Today we were asked if we could display this poster for Toyama Kindergarten, and as we have every year we said, 'yes'. Especially as many of our own students at englishpool attend, will attend or have attended.

 The poster looks great, and is a departure from their usual hand made and cut posters.

 And to be fair to other child-care facilities/kindergartens in the Wakamatsu-cho, Kawada-cho, Okubo and Toyama areas here's a list:

  Chacha Higashi-toyama Kodomo-en

  Yochomachi Kindergarten

  Waseda Kindergarten

  Okubo Kindergarten

  Frontier Kids




月, 07 5月 2018 23:29

Comming Soon... (???)

  Advertising poster for the new udon shop that will open soon in the same building as englishpool.

  Can you spot the mistake?

  Maybe there's an opportunity to offer English classes for the staff!


土, 28 4月 2018 16:06

English Joke

   The word 'chores' came up in our English Cafe class yesterday, and none of the class members knew the meaning.

   After teaching them that it referred to household jobs such as washing dishes, doing laundry etc I took the opportunity to teach them a joke:

   Dad: Have you finished your chores?

   Son: What chores?

   Dad: Thank you very much I'll have another pint!

      Do you get? Maybe I can put it to good use at the forthcoming Craft Beer festival in Takadanobaba


  Oh, by the way. Mines a glass (or two) of beer!




木, 26 4月 2018 21:53

That's Chopin

  These pamphets found their way to us last week from Chiiku Lab and look a little interesting.

  A classical concert will be held at the Roppomgi K concert Salon on June 2nd, featuringYoshihiro Kondo on piano, Hajime Otomo on cello, Yuko Higuchi dancing and of NHK children's English fame, Eric Jacobsen.

  Apparently when Eric isn't busy performing at English events (see his Hi Eric site) he also has a grown up band The Eric Jacobsen Band.

  More details of the classical concert can be found on the Confetti websiteEnglish Here, Japanese here.

木, 26 4月 2018 16:58




















   Made this sign to remind our younger elementary students not to use their mamorino or kidsphone during class time! Not only does it disturb the lesson but they are more than likely calling mum; who then wonders why her child is calling her during their English lesson. Double trouble!!

木, 19 4月 2018 15:11

Shopping Mall

  This was part of a project bringing time expressions, actions and shop vocabulary together as part of the MacMillan English coursebook.

  I was impressed with how the children who took part in this project used the language they had studied over several months to come up with their own ideas. We'll definitely be doing more of this kind of work during 2018.

  Unfortunately I forgot to give this particular work back before the boy and his family relocated to the north of Japan. Sorry!


水, 18 4月 2018 23:26


  Recevied these brightly coloured candies as a thank you present from two of my students, K & R.

  I was intrigued to find out more about them as I hadn't seen anything like them before, turns out they are from a Spanish company called papabubble.

  Will have to take a trip to one of their Tokyo shops soon!

土, 14 4月 2018 14:31

New Textbooks

  Delighted to receive the new textbooks for this year from our preferred supplier

  This batch contained the Macmillan English and the Cengage Explore Our World textbooks to be used in our elementary classes.

  Thanks to the staff at for the swift delivery.