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月, 27 8月 2018 17:10

Yummy Yucky

  Two new books for the library. Yummy Yucky and Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli.

  Yummy Yucky is actually a replacement for a lost copy, it was always a go to book when teaching food topics and has been sorely missed.

  Quiet and Loud is along the same lines and looks like it will work well when teaching opposites.

木, 23 8月 2018 19:39

We're Open

 After the summer holiday englishpool is open again. Need English? We are here to help!

水, 15 8月 2018 15:49

Summer 2018

  This is our summer window for 2018. I decided this year to give the whole window area over to the display.

  It consists of various speech bubbles with snippets of English such as "What's your favourite food?","Can you play tennis?", "How old are you?" etc along with a height chart for the question, "How tall are you?" The whole idea being that it encourages those who notice it to participate by asking and answering questions in English. 

  By the way englishpool is closed between July 29 to August 22.

火, 17 7月 2018 18:57

Playground Craft

  We had a lot of fun making, and playing, with this playground set in our Kinder classes.

  The children have been learning playground vocabulary such as slide, swing. see-saw as well as the verbs, run, jump, climb etc. This craft allowed them to bring all the words together as they moved their character around the playground.

  Big thanks to the Welcome to Our World teacher resource book for the idea.


  More books for our library. These twelve books from the Disney World of English programme were given to us by a student who no longer had a need for them.

 While they're designed to used with the Disney World of English programme, on their own they still are quite usable. Each book has content rich pages featuring all your favourite Disney characters, and questions on each page encourage the child to speak English.

水, 27 6月 2018 15:28

Penfriends in Argentina

   As part of englishpool's involvement in the Penfriends from Cambridge system we recently completed our match with Like English Institute in Argentina.

  The students really enjoyed reading the card sent and as with all penfriend completed matches we plotted the school on our world map!

土, 23 6月 2018 17:11

Student Passports

  These are englishpool's new passports. Initailly 'issued' to students in our elementary A classes  they contain pages listing the words and key phrases that should be mastered each unit.

  Once mastered the page is stamped and they can move onto the next unit. Bon voyage!

水, 20 6月 2018 15:17

a b c d e f....

   While knowing the alphabet song is not so important, I thought it may be useful to have a alphabet strip in the classroom.

   After looking at what was available commercially, or for download, I decided to make my own. 

   Quite easy really...don't know why I didn't think of it before now.

金, 15 6月 2018 13:10













水, 13 6月 2018 15:17

Front Page!

  Surprised to make the front page of the Shinjuku local community newspaper last week.

  It was in connection with the annual Shinjuku Kosodate Messe event, held last weekend.

  Funny thing is, that this year, englishpool wasn't involved...