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土, 21 9月 2019 15:56

In the House

  As part the Explore Our World level 2 textbook we've been looking at things found around the home, and using prepositions to describe where they are in relation to each other.,

  e.g. "Where is the refrigerator?", "It's between the sink and the stove."

 Some of the elementary classes this week have had the chance to engage in a little craft work, to further reinforce their understanding.

 Pictured above is one of their completed pictures.

木, 05 9月 2019 08:35

School Library

  Yet more books for our school library. We now have over 1,100 books available for students to take home and read. From simple picture board books, to phonic based readers for early readers, through to young adult fiction and simple readers for adult learners there's bound to be something for you to read!

火, 27 8月 2019 21:11

Eiken Test (英検)

 I was reminded tonight by our Junior High School class (中学生) that the Eiken tests(英検) are coming up soon. So we will start doing a little bit of preparation in the Junior High School, and possibly upper elementary classes, for these tests which set the benchmark of teenage English achievement in Japan.

 I am also planning to offer some Eiken second test(二次試験) lessons/practice to take away any anxiety about this seemingly nerve-racking part of the Eiken test(英検).

 P.S. To existing students' parents, if your child is planning to take an eiken test (英検) please let me know then I may be able to help them prepare.

火, 27 8月 2019 20:28

Hang Out the Laundry

  We used this idea in our young learners' Sprouts class. They were studying about clothes as part of Happy Valley Level 1 Unit 4, and we needed some kind of tactile activity to encourage them to remember the names of various clothes.

The original idea was for them to 'hang out' the laundry but in practice it proved much easier for them to 'bring in' the laundry due to small fingers and mini-sized washing pegs!

土, 20 7月 2019 16:55

Venus Flytrap

  I was so proud of one of our 4th grade elementary students, when he handed me this description of a Venus Flytrap plant, (or ハエトリ草 in Japanese.)

  After all the hard work he, and apparently his dad, had put into writing the description we just had to put it on display in the classroom!

木, 18 7月 2019 06:58


  Over the weekend I added a ビデオサポート page to the englishpool website. As mentioned in earlier posts, this year we are using the Happy Valley textbooks in our young learner classes, and the folks at Happy Valley have produced a plethora of videos to support the work done in the classroom. I'd like the students, or their parents, to able to easily access the relevant video easily. We already have our own englishpool YouTube channel with playlists for スプラウツ and キンダー, so with the help of the nx-YouTubeBox module from NX-DESIGNS, adding these playlists to the site was a breeze.

   The page is available to view here,

   So now it's now super simple for parents to be able to watch the videos with their children. Enjoy!


金, 12 7月 2019 18:08

Bill & Ben

   Today in our Cafe class one of the students said she had been pulling the 雑草 (zasso) out at her child's school as part of her duties.

   Now ざっそ(zasso) means weeds in Japanese and so, she had been weeding at her child's school. While I was explaining this to group I couldn't get the image of Bill & Ben out of head, so here's the original programme featuring Bill, Ben and Weed.


月, 01 7月 2019 15:31

May I have some _____, please?

  As part of our upper-elementary classes we have been practising making polite requests. Now, I'm a big fan of using realia (real life objects or situations) in the classroom; so what better than to prepare a load of snacks and have the children make polite requests in order to eat them!

  You can hear the results in the accompanying video.

  Thank you to the Explore Our World Level 3 textbook for the inspiration.


木, 20 6月 2019 08:52

In the Aquarium

  This week the Kinder classes have started learning all about the sea animals that live at the aquarium. Join Kinka and Pinka as they take a trip to see the dolphins, penguins, whales, sharks and seahorses.

  Don't be scared of the shark, Kinka!

  As always thank you to the team at Happy Valley for making the videos available online.


木, 20 6月 2019 08:34

Insey Winsey Spider

  Here's a video of a Insey Wincey Spider craft we made last Saturday in the Kinder class.

 Over the years this simple Insey Wincey / Itsy Bitsy / Incy Wincy Spider craft has served me well in many classes, especially around June time because of the rainy season here in Japan. The keen-eyed amongst you may recognise it's based on the Insey Winsey Spider game from Orchard Toys.

 If you'd like to download this simple spider song craft, here's a link to the printable file:

Free Printable Insey Wincey Spider Craft.(PDF 173KB)