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金, 30 11月 2018 22:58

Christmas Party 2018

  We will hold our Christmas Parties on Sunday, 16th December, this year.

  Time to dust off the Santa suit and roar Ho! Ho! Ho!

金, 30 11月 2018 22:44

The Animals on the Farm

 We're having a lot of fun in our kinder classes with The Animals on the Farm song from Super Simple Songs.

 You too can join in the fun by watching the video and sing along below:



木, 15 11月 2018 19:42

Halloween Party Photos 2018

  Better late than never! Finally a selection of the best pictures from the Halloween Parties held on October 28th are available for your viewing pleasure over on our events page,

  You will need a password to access the pictures, which should be in your child's bag. Or you can message (PM) me for the password.



木, 25 10月 2018 19:26

英語ぷらす listing

  Happy to see we are included on a list of nine recommended English schools around Higashi-Shinjuku Station. Thank you to the people at eigo plus (英語ぷらす) for the listing!

 The actual page is too long to quote in full but basically they list sixteen points to check for when choosing a school to learn English at. This is point sixteen:




 Which basically says that, while it's possible to learn English on your own, you can't learn how to have a conservation without having somebody to talk too. So get yourself along to englishpool (or one of the other eight schools) after carefully checking the previous fifteen points.

 The link for the orginal page is



金, 26 10月 2018 14:09

What's in the Witch's Kitchen?

  Having a lot of Halloween fun with the excellent What's in the Witch's Kitchen? book by Nick Sharrat

  This year I've had a lot of success using it in the elementary classes, as we've recently been studying house vocabulary; so the book has come in handy to recycle some of the language we've learned.

  I've also got to teach them some new words such as 'nasty goblin wee' and 'rabbit plops.' :-)

水, 24 10月 2018 14:58

Trick or Treat

  We're loving this Halloween craft, from Super Simple, in our Sprouts and Kinder classes this week. Super easy to make and a great way to learn some simple Halloween vocabulary, as well as introducing Trick or Treat to the younger students.

  And that's not all, it even has it's own Trick or Treat song and video..


 Enjoy...and Happy Halloween!

水, 17 10月 2018 10:13


Conversation in one of our upper elementary classes last week:

Me: "What's your favourite fish or sea animal?"

Student: "I like Chin-anago"

Me: "..."

Time to search the internet I thought, a couple of clicks later searching on チンアナゴ and wikipedia had given us a picture and an English name, Spotted Garden Eel.

So now you know. I love it when I get to learn something in my classes too!

月, 15 10月 2018 13:03

Halloween Cooking


Halloween fun from the Super Simple team. Watch the Bumble Nums gather ingredients for a special halloween snack.

木, 11 10月 2018 22:52

Halloween Party 2018

  The nights are drawing in, and while there's not yet a chill in the air; the witching hour is fast approaching.

  It can all only mean that we're getting ready for the Halloween Party. This year we'll be holding two parties on 28th October, for Sprouts and Kinder students the party will start at 2:30 and finish at 4pm.The party for Elementary aged students will be from 4:30pm to 6pm.

  Costumes are mandatory!

金, 21 9月 2018 13:51

New School Chirashi

  Well, I finally redesigned our school leaflet, called chirashi in Japanese. The can't believe that we had been using the old leaflet, more or less unchanged, for nine years.

  Hopefully the new chirsahi will be just as successful as the previous version.

  You can take a look for yourself by clicking here:  2018 スクールチラシ(PDF)

  Thank you for reading!