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水, 27 9月 2023 22:04


Are there any young englishpool students who haven't borrowed this book at some time?

Well, after over 12 years of almost constant lending, our most popular book from the englishpool library has finally had enough!

Thanks, People flip-book, for all your service!




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This short animated video introduces a mini application I created for those taking the Eiken Pre 2 Speaking test (英検準2級スピーキングテスト ). The first three questions of the test are based on a picture printed on the test card but questions 4 and 5 are more general.
I always feel it's difficult to prepare my students these last two questions, as there's a limit to how many we can practice in class, so I created this mini application to give them some practice outside of class.
The application can be found on the englishpool website at:
Good luck!
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