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月, 26 9月 2022 23:02

At the Park

  Here is the video for the At the Park book we are currently using in our Saturday Kinder class. As is usual with the Potato Pals series it's one of those catchy tunes that soon has the children up and dancing along!

 As a side note, this year we discovered if you turn the 'ride on the see-saw' page upside down Chip appears to be at risk of plummeting into the abyss

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月, 26 9月 2022 17:32

What's this Spider Called?

This spider is a relatively common sight in englishpool, and also in my home, but what is it called?

Well up to last week I had no idea of what kind of spider it was but then one of our elementary students brought one into class with him. Normally this would have the effect of the other students jumping around and making a commotion but not in this class! In fact one of the girls proceeded to tell us all about this kind of spider:

It's Japanese name is haetorigumo(ハエトリグモ) known in English as a 'Jumping Spider'.

As the name suggests it can jump. The surprising thing is that it jumps in order to catch its prey, literally jumping on the potential meal and catching it. Because of this method of catching prey it doesn't need to make a trap so you never see spider webs.

A big thank you to the student for enlightening us all, and needless to say we let the spider go! Especially as they live off a diet of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, stink bugs, and ants so not only are they clean but they also provid a vital service!



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In this video Paul shares with you an amazing sound effect one of his students created while they were looking at the five senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.)

Did you know that by popping the bubbles in a sheet of bubblewrap you can create a realistic crackling campfire sound?

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