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  I was a little shocked to see that a YouTube video I made two months ago called Whiteboard Marker Magic had had over 130,000 views and received over 580 likes. In the short video I demonstrate how to use a standard whiteboard marker pen, a plate and some water to create a dancing figure.

  Aside from the number of views and likes I was also surprised at how countries around the world it had reached. At the last count the video had been viewed (10 times or more) in 95 countries! So I decided to make a thank you video, in which I name the 95 countries alongside a picture of their national flag. 

  Just in case you are wondering the 95 countries, in order of most viewed are:

India, Russia, USA, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Brasil, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Myanmar, France, Italy, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Iraq, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Nepal, Egypt, Taiwan, Morocco, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Czechia, Uzbekistan, Korea, Netherlands, Greece, Australia, Peru, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Chile, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Albania, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Sweden, Portuga,l South Africa, Belgium, Armenia, Lithuania, Guatemala, Syrian Arab Republic, Denmark, Singapore, Switzerland, Bolivia, Slovakia, Croatia, Honduras, Tunisia, Oman, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Mauritius, Palestine, State of Kuwait, Austria, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Georgia, Costa Rica, Jordan, Ireland, Qatar, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Finland, Namibia and Norway!

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