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木, 27 10月 2022 23:41

Trick or Treat with Ozobot

Currently having a lot of fun with this Halloween activity from the team at Ozobot. The activity involves a brief introduction to the Ozobot color codes, with the aim of getting the Ozobot to collect as much candy as possible as it trundles around the neighbourhood Trick or Treating. The children only need to use 7 codes: slow, quick, fast, go left, go right, go straight and U-turn so even if they have never used an ozobot before it is really easy to pick up. Once they have completed their courses, we then have a competition to see whose Ozobot can collect the most candy...the record at this moment is 14.


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日, 16 10月 2022 10:24

A Nice Cup of Tea in Shakujii-koen

As part of our other jobs at The Three Little Pigs cafe next to englishpool, we have recently started making a series of videos where we go out to the countryside and enjoy a picnic.

In this video we were at Shakujii-koen in Nerima, in the north western corner of Tokyo. It was the first time to visit the park here, and it was quite a revealation. The park stretches along two naturally formed ponds and was the site of the Toshima-clans castle a very long time ago. Up until the 1950s the ponds were fed by a natural spring until house building changed the lay of the land, and the spring stopped replenishing the water in the ponds. And judging by the size of some of the houses around the park it's not so difficult to see how they may have affected the topography of the area.

I have never seen such big houses in Tokyo!

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土, 08 10月 2022 15:10

Cream Tea at Komatoge, Hanno

Last week we took at trip to Kinchakuda (巾着田) near Koma station in Saitama. We then hiked to Tenranzan (天覧山), a small mountain overlooking Hanno city (飯能市) before catching the train back to Tokyo.

On the trail between Kinchakuda and Tenranzan we took a break for a Cream Tea.  For those that don't know a Cream Tea is a traditional British snack time which involves drinking tea and eating scones with clotted cream and jam.

In this video Paul shows you how to have a Cream Tea in the great outdoors!


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