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水, 07 10月 2020 20:28


 We had fun in our junior High School class tonight with a game of Scrabble, creating words using as many letters as possible (after checking it's valid!) and then challenging them to use the word in a sentence.

 But the best was yet to come, my High School student saw the game on the table and asked if he could play, as he hadn't played for three years. With his expanded vocabulary, and excellent spelling skills, it soon turned into real battle between us, that left me struggling to keep up with him. At the end of the game we were both surprised to have filled the board, and used up nearly all the tiles, as seen in the photo.

  Usually Junior High School games end when too many short words, squashed into a corner, make it impossible to progress any further. So it was a real treat to see how much my High School student had improved!

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