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土, 20 7月 2019 16:55

Venus Flytrap

  I was so proud of one of our 4th grade elementary students, when he handed me this description of a Venus Flytrap plant, (or ハエトリ草 in Japanese.)

  After all the hard work he, and apparently his dad, had put into writing the description we just had to put it on display in the classroom!

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金, 12 7月 2019 18:08

Bill & Ben

   Today in our Cafe class one of the students said she had been pulling the 雑草 (zasso) out at her child's school as part of her duties.

   Now ざっそ(zasso) means weeds in Japanese and so, she had been weeding at her child's school. While I was explaining this to group I couldn't get the image of Bill & Ben out of head, so here's the original programme featuring Bill, Ben and Weed.

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月, 01 7月 2019 15:31

May I have some _____, please?

  As part of our upper-elementary classes we have been practising making polite requests. Now, I'm a big fan of using realia (real life objects or situations) in the classroom; so what better than to prepare a load of snacks and have the children make polite requests in order to eat them!

  You can hear the results in the accompanying video.

  Thank you to the Explore Our World Level 3 textbook for the inspiration.

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