Today we celebrate Hina Matsuri in Japan. Typically families with young daughters will display sets of (very) expensive dolls. They'll also have some kind of celebration meal...

...but enough of that, because I want to tell you about the 3 CD's pictured above. It all happened about two weeks ago on a cold Saturday morning. I was checking the internet for some ideas to use in my real young learners classes when I was lead in the direction of a You Tube clip. The clip showed a rather energetic lady leading a group of kindergarten kids through a version of a Hello song. So what? I hear you ask.
Well the song was so catchy and packed full of actions that the kids couldn't help but move around and smile. I decided then that this was something that I needed to have in my classes. A quick web hop later to and I was able to listen to short samples of all their songs.
Ordering couldn't have been simpler and a few days later the CDs arrived.
I'd pretty much given up on using music in the classroom as teaching the lyrics would usually seem to be too difficult or where a song had been adopted for an EFL setting it was mind numbingly dull (think Eric from kids NHK.) Well the songs that Devon and his team have put together manage to be simple and fun at the same time. I've just loved seeing our students smiling and laughing along to the them. And as they leave the class they're still singing!

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