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土, 15 6月 2024 15:47

At School

  This month we are focusing on shapes and school items using the Potato Pal's book At School. This is the song for the book. Enjoy!



土, 18 5月 2024 14:58

Nice to meet you.

These two life size outlines are from way back in January when we were teaching body parts to the younger elementary students.

Had to be careful that they didn't try to add any body parts that were not in the syllabus!!!

金, 17 5月 2024 17:54

Love it or hate it?

 This is Marmite, a thick black salty spread, made from yeast extract, that British people spread on toast. Well not all British people...hence 'the love it or hate it' tag.
A big thank to my student who found these in a supermarket in Amsterdam.
I think we might have a Marmite tasting with some of our students! Might be as (un)popular as liquorice!

Saturday saw the start of our 2024/25 Kinder class. I promised I would put some links to the songs used in the class, so here's the link to a YouTube playlist.

You should also be able to watch the videos below:

Enjoy, and see you all next week,


For the spring session of the English and Electronics course it was decided to hold it over three days, so two lessons would be completed each day.

Here is a report on the first day.

We started by asking questions about electricty and looking at various basic components and learning there names in English, battery, wire, lamp, switch, resistor etc. We also connected them together with to create circuits, and drew circuit diagrams using the universally used symbols.

With the first leson over, it was time for a break. So we dismantled a toy UFO Catcher, or Crane Game, to look at the electronics inside and make a guess as to what they did. Once the had done that and put it back together it was snack time....but only if they could catch their snacks!!

We then moved onto using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and observing their polarity and the need for a resistor. Then it was making time! The children really got into making as many LEDs light as they could and here are a few pictures.





It was a really enjoyable session and all are already looking forward to next week!


In this video Paul introduces a snack food that seems universally disliked by all the Japanese people he has given it to.

What is it?

It is of course liquorice!


What do you think about liquorice? Let me know in the comments.


土, 06 1月 2024 15:42




日, 17 12月 2023 15:03

Cockney Rhyming Slang Quiz

Inspired by my students not knowing what a 'number two' was, I decided to create this little quiz on what is known, in the UK, as Cockney Rhyming Slang. These are expressions that have a rhyming element with the target word.

A Cockney is a native of east London, specifically someone born within earshot of the Bow Bells, rang from the Church of St Mary-le-Bow. Some people say they were used by 'Cockney Market Traders' as a secret language between each other to hide their converstions from their customers.

Whatever the roots of Cockney Rhyming Slang it makes for a fun quiz!

How many can you guess?


日, 17 12月 2023 14:53


In this video, after recommendations from his students, Paul tries his very first 'nerunerunerune' (ねるねるねるね), which can only be described as a candy kit!

Will he be succesful is producing his own candy...and more importantly will he like the taste?


日, 17 12月 2023 14:31

Picolino and a Flag Pole

I recently received a Japanese capsule toy (also known as a gashapon, or gachapon) from a friend. The capsule contains a Union Jack flag but I have absolutely no idea what else is in the capsule.
Join me as I discover the contents and find out that I have to make something which turns out to be much more complicated than I expected.

The real life maker of the flag poles, Sunpole, also created the Picolino, a decorative barrier to keep pedestrians safe from cars!

For more information on Japanese Capsule Toys, or gashapons please see my video from last year:


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