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火, 03 10月 2017 11:07

"New" Books for our School Library

 A big thank you to one of our older students for these three books she'd grown out of.

 As you can imagine they were an instant hit with the younger girls in the school.

 Remember, if you have any English children's books you no longer need we are more than happy to give them a new home!

月, 02 10月 2017 13:10

Halloween Party 2017

  It's that time of year, still too warm to be autumn, the leaves have yet to change colour but the supermarkets have had their Halloween decorations up for the past month.

 So here at englishpool it's time to get in the swing of things and announce the 2017 Halloween Party. We'll be doing two parties on Sunday October 29th this year, the first from 14:30 to 16:00 will be for our Sprouts and Kinder students. The second party, from 16:30 to 18:00, will be for our Elementary aged students.

 Still yet to decide on a Halloween costume for this year!

土, 22 7月 2017 18:39

100% Pascal Sensei

 Last week one of our fifth grade students suddenly came out with the phrase 'You have a computer', naturally I tried to expand on this snippet of a converstaion and we went on ask what we did on the computer, play games, do homework etc.

 The conversation was spontaneous and kind of validated all we strive to achieve at englishpool, namely that our students go on to feel confident talking in English, but I was intrigued as to where the initial phrase had come from. Further questioning led to an anime series called 100% Pascal Sensei:


 You can find Pascal's English at 9mins20s, so either skip to that part only or enjoy the whole show!

As of the end of October it seems the video has been removed, apologies.

月, 03 7月 2017 17:55

Princess Books

  An ever popular theme with the girls, are books with princesses in them. In fact, the few titles we have featuring princesses can often lead to tears among the younger students as they fight for who will borrow the book this week! So I was glad to find these three books to add to our school library.



日, 11 6月 2017 10:25

Messe 2017

These are the books I will be reading from 12:10 today as part of the Shinjuku Kosodate Messe.

Hope to see some of our students later.


土, 10 6月 2017 13:36

Shinjuku Kosodate Messe 2017

 Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the 8th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe.

 The festival of all things young children related will be held at the Cosmic Center in Shinjuku, from 10:00 to 15:00.

 As well as many organisations showcasing their services, there will be a selection of performances on stage. The guests performing on stage include Kenichiro Tanimoto of NHK fame, a recital by members from the Tokyo-Ongaku-University, The Diamond Lilies and me....

 ... well, not on the main stage but in the Yutari Hiroba where I'll be reading aloud a couple of books in English. I'm on-stage from 12:00 to 12:25, so if you can't face the lunch queue at McDonalds come and support me.

  More details of the books I'm going to read to appear later, and for more details on everything Messe related please check their blog at kidsmesse.blogspot.jp or the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/shinjukumesse/

  Thank you.

土, 10 6月 2017 08:23

New Books

 I've just upgraded the school's library software to the latest version of Koha. Up until now we've been using Koha 2.2.9 which I installed 8 years ago! The new version(Koha 16.11.8), took a little bit of effort to install and configure but is streets ahead of our old version.

 And to celebrate the upgrade I've added some new books to the school library. Titles added today Mr Gumpy's Motor Car, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Noisy Neighbours and Mrs. Hippo's Pizza Parlor.








勤務地:東京都新宿区新宿7-3-36-102 イングリッシュプール

勤務時間:火~金 15:00~18:00  
       土   午前中



交通費:なし (近所の方お願いします^^)


土, 29 4月 2017 09:45

8th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe

 After a break last year, I realised that I really missed taking part in the Shinjuku Kosodate Messe. So this year I'm back with my book reading slot, I've got 15 minutes so that will probably mean three books...as yet undecided.

 Of course the work that goes into planning the Kosodate Messe starts almost as soon as the last one is over, and continues throughout the year. Last week's meeting saw the final versions of the flyers printed and distributed, and some of the fine points of the big day finalised.

 Just need to decide which books to read before June, 11th!


水, 26 4月 2017 12:40

スプラウツ クラス OPEN

火曜日15:00-15:45 3歳-年少児クラスの生徒大募集!!








定員 8名


無料体験レッスンをしたい お申し込みフォームにご入力ください。

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