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土, 11 5月 2019 16:08

Angel Bites

 While shopping at my local Gyomu Super (a chain of discount food shops in Japan) the other day I found these Angel Bites snacks from Greece.

 No idea what they were but as over the past year we have been in contact with a school (Yes, You Can) in Greece, through Cambridge Penfriends, I just had to buy them!

 Looking forward to sharing them with my students in the classes next week.



金, 10 5月 2019 14:38


Just updated our information at known in Japanese as みんなの英語ひろば.

You can find the englishpool page at where there's a write up of the classes available from Sprouts to Adults.

A big thank you to the people at みんなの英語ひろば for the listing!


土, 20 4月 2019 17:20

Knock them down

  We have been having fun with these little Pinnochios this week in our Sprouts classes.

  Great for practicing, 'Here you are','Thank you' when we pass the ball, and of course for counting the number of Pinnochios knocked down!

  Goes great with 1 to 10 song, which you can find here on YouTube

水, 17 4月 2019 08:51


  Thank you to English Navi or in Japanese, 英会話ナビ, for listing englishpool on their portal site.

   As Tesco would say, "every little helps" or in Japanese "どんな小さなものでも役に立つ"

土, 13 4月 2019 15:09

Kinka Chant(2)

Again, the Kinka chant used in this week's classes (but using a different upload system.)


土, 13 4月 2019 12:55

Kinka Chant

As used in our Sprouts class this week:

 Can also be found on the englishpool YouTube Channel.


木, 11 4月 2019 18:43

YouTube Channel (Test)

   With more and more course content avaialble online rather than on CDs we are testing a YouTube channel.

  The idea is that students will be able to go to the YouTube channel to watch and listen to the songs and chants used in class.

  Please take a look at


生徒募集中: 新しい年度の始まり。















金, 29 3月 2019 19:28


englishpool will be closed until next Tuesday, 9th April, for a short spring break.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The Three Little Pigs cafe will be open as usual!


 In the Saturday morning elementary B class we have a regular habit of starting the lessons with a 'quick' game of AGO, and usually one of the students will set the cards so I can't possibly win.

 This reached new heights last week when I discovered they had created a plan, on paper, of which cards each player should start with in order for Paul to lose everytime!

 Thanks children, but I would like to win just once in a while...

 ...oh, and by the way they think I set the timer for 10 minutes but actually it's only 8 minutes!

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