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木, 12 4月 2018 14:36

What's Tomica in English?

 I was asked a few weeks ago by a mother and son, who are relocating to the UK soon, "What's Tomica in English?"

 As someone who grew up in the 1970s my first thought was Matchbox cars..we call them Matchbox cars...but hang on didn't they change to Corgi during my childhood...and then again are Corgi cars still in production?

 Seems the best answer I could finally come up with was "Toy cars, we call them toy cars."

 For those who don't know Tomica here's a link to their English site,



木, 05 4月 2018 15:41

Spring Holiday

  Just a quick reminder (maybe too late for some) this week englishpool is closed for a short spring holiday. 

  See you all next week.

月, 02 4月 2018 17:19

New Elementary Pamphlet & Webpage

  A quick photo of the new pamphlets introducing our elementary classes.

 We've taken a bit of time to showcase some of the advantages of studying at englishpool, including our phonics progression, lending library and the Penfriend connections.

 You can visit the new Elementary page by clicking here, or download the pamphlet by clicking here (PDF 242KB).


木, 29 3月 2018 11:17

Butterfly Wristbands

  Our youngest students, in the Sprouts class, enjoyed making these butterfly wristbands as part of A Very Hungry Caterpillar themed lesson.

  A big thank you to the Easy Peasy and Fun website for the idea, the site is a bit like Ronseal as it does exactly what it says in the title!

金, 09 3月 2018 11:09

New Kinder Pamphlet & Webpage

  Here' s a photo of our new Kinder class pamphlet.

  From this April we'll be using a new textbook in the classes so it's a good time to have a redesign of our printed material.

  I've also created a deicated Kinder class webpage with all the information prospectve students may need. do the same with the Elementary, Junior High School, Adult and Sprouts classes....

土, 03 3月 2018 15:26

Simon says, "Touch your ..."

 We had to laugh this week when during a quick game of Simon Says, to check on the students body part vocabulary, I issued the command:

 "Simon says, touch your backs"

 At which point the four children stood up and walked over to the entrance to touch their bags!


金, 09 2月 2018 19:52

Where in the World?

  As part of the Cambridge English Penfriends we've now exchanged message cards with four schools, and remembering the school's name and location is getting a little complicated.

 So, we decided to plot each school on our classroom world map, using tape leading to card showing the school's name, location, country and how many cards swapped.

 So far we've swapped with English Language schools in Spain, Greece, Ukraine and Russia.

 Where will we go next???


日, 04 2月 2018 22:22

FAB Cards

The FAB cards from Saxoncourt Publishing have been a favourite of mine since I first started teaching English in Japan. Bright colours, simple pictures, just the right size for small hands and great for quick games to reinforce understanding. Unfortunately, they are no longer available in Japan, so I'm looking for a replacement.

Although recently I've started to have some doubts about the pictures...

Does that really look like a television to today's children?

Do children today even know what a radio is?

And what's that? An alarm clock? Part of dad's stereo system? A DVD player? 

The best answer I've received recently for the VCR picture is from a boy who said he had seen one of these machines recently...dumped in his local park!!



土, 03 2月 2018 14:47

Penfriends in Greece

  We were lucky a few weeks ago, through our membership of the Cambridge English Penfriends site, to have the opportunity to swap message cards with an English school in Greece.

 The school, Yes You Can, is located in the town of Marathon, Greece. Aside from my students initially not believing there was actually a town called Marathon, we had a lot of fun reading the Greek students cards (pictured above) and discovering about their local area.

 In turn my students produced message cards to send back to their Marathon counterparts. I was also in contact with their teacher so there was a good rapport and I look forward to swapping cards in the future.

 As I get more accustomed to the Penfriend system I'm gradually introducing the message cards to the middle Elementary School aged students...I think it really gives them a study boost, as they see they can communicate with children around the world, all through the medium of English.





水, 31 1月 2018 22:46

Thank You

 Thank you to S and R for these presents.

 The squirrel boxes are so cute, and the contents so delicious!

 Good luck with your future studies!