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金, 09 3月 2018 11:09

New Kinder Pamphlet & Webpage

  Here' s a photo of our new Kinder class pamphlet.

  From this April we'll be using a new textbook in the classes so it's a good time to have a redesign of our printed material.

  I've also created a deicated Kinder class webpage with all the information prospectve students may need. do the same with the Elementary, Junior High School, Adult and Sprouts classes....

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土, 03 3月 2018 15:26

Simon says, "Touch your ..."

 We had to laugh this week when during a quick game of Simon Says, to check on the students body part vocabulary, I issued the command:

 "Simon says, touch your backs"

 At which point the four children stood up and walked over to the entrance to touch their bags!


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