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土, 29 4月 2017 09:45

8th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe

 After a break last year, I realised that I really missed taking part in the Shinjuku Kosodate Messe. So this year I'm back with my book reading slot, I've got 15 minutes so that will probably mean three yet undecided.

 Of course the work that goes into planning the Kosodate Messe starts almost as soon as the last one is over, and continues throughout the year. Last week's meeting saw the final versions of the flyers printed and distributed, and some of the fine points of the big day finalised.

 Just need to decide which books to read before June, 11th!


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水, 26 4月 2017 12:40

スプラウツ クラス OPEN

火曜日15:00-15:45 3歳-年少児クラスの生徒大募集!!








定員 8名


無料体験レッスンをしたい お申し込みフォームにご入力ください。

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金, 21 4月 2017 14:06

A Killer Whale and a Flower

 Not the title of a new children's book but two presents that I received yesterday from two students in the Kinder class.

 'Is it for my birthday?' I asked (even though my birthday is in January). 'No' they both replied. It seems the killer whale was just cool and the cherry blossom was just pretty.

 Thank you anyway!

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木, 06 4月 2017 11:08

New School Year

  It's the beginning of April, so here in Japan that means a New School Year.

  It also means englishpool on a short Spring break, from March 31st to April 7th. Classes will start again on Saturday, 8th April.

  If you haven't already picked up one of our handy little calendars for 2017/2018, you'll find them on the shelf near the entrance.


  And finally a big congratulations to our students who are entering new schools this week.

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