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土, 11 11月 2017 17:15

More Halloween Party Photos!

  We usually shoot  200~300 photos during the Halloween and Christmas parties and of course printing and displaying them is not practical, but we'd still like to share them with the parents of children who attended. So starting form this year we are making all the photos taken at the parties available for parents to view online.

  The albums are password protected, so you'll need to have the slip of paper handed out in classes this week to hand.

  If you didn't receive the slip, or can't find it, just send me a message and I'll sort you out.

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金, 03 11月 2017 11:55

Halloween Party Photos 2017

Please find some photos taken at this year's Halloween parties at the following link

Thank you once again to all the parents who brought their children to last Sunday's Halloween Parties. I know it can't have been easy getting the children dressed into their costumes and then having to put on raincoats, rainboots etc. to brave the heavy rain. お疲れ様でした.

Next year I promise NO RAIN!!!



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