AGO Card Game

  The students, and myself, have been big fans of the AGO card games almost since their release, seven(?) years ago.

  The students love the gameplay as it's as simple to play as UNO, and I love it because it gets children used to asking questions, and not just merely answering questions.

  With this goal of becoming good question makers in mind I recently altered a pack of AGO Level One by removing the questions, the idea being that the children would have to think for themselves without any sample questions to read. The results have been spectacular, some of the questions the children could remember but where they ran up again question they really started to think for themselves...not always perfectly but with a bit of guidance they created their own questions and are well on their way to becoming good question makers.

  Hope the folks at AGO don't mind my alterations, and if you need a name for this version we are calling it AGO Clear!!


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