Shinjuku Kosodate Messe 2017

 Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the 8th Shinjuku Kosodate Messe.

 The festival of all things young children related will be held at the Cosmic Center in Shinjuku, from 10:00 to 15:00.

 As well as many organisations showcasing their services, there will be a selection of performances on stage. The guests performing on stage include Kenichiro Tanimoto of NHK fame, a recital by members from the Tokyo-Ongaku-University, The Diamond Lilies and me....

 ... well, not on the main stage but in the Yutari Hiroba where I'll be reading aloud a couple of books in English. I'm on-stage from 12:00 to 12:25, so if you can't face the lunch queue at McDonalds come and support me.

  More details of the books I'm going to read to appear later, and for more details on everything Messe related please check their blog at or the Facebook page at

  Thank you.

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