15th New Year Kids Museum

  Last Saturday, 11th February, saw the 15th New Year Kids Museum event held at the Ushigome Tansu Centre. We were proud to be able to support the event through placing two advertisements in the event pamphlet, one for englishpool and one for The Three Little Pigs.

  This annual event is organised by Shinjuku Kodomo Gekijo, and as well as featuring performances from the various circles under the Shinjuku Kodomo Gekijo umbrella (including Kobuta wadaiko, The Diamond Lilies gospel group) there are also performances from other organisations run for children in Shinjuku-ku (including Unicycle Shinjuku Azalea, Yuttarino and Shinjuku Junior Leaders.)

  I am always surprised at the high quality of the performances and the professionalism of the event, and this year was no exception. It really is amazing what can be achieved by people volunteering their time and energy.

 P.S. Next year I'll try and write this kind of post before the event...to encourage you to attend, like.

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