Autumn Colours

Every year, in our Sprouts classes, we have a theme of autumn/fall colours. We ask the children and mothers to bring in any interesting leaves they may find. We then arrange look at and talk about the leaves, noting colour, shape and anything else that may be of interest.

As well as leaves, we also receive other autumn items such as chestnuts, acorns and pine cones. All create a great theme that is fun to talk about.

Just in case any of the children and mother pairs forget to bring in any leaves, I also take a walk through Toyama Park collecting various items. The above picture shows my haul of autumn goodies, including various leaves, pine cones types and some very spherical acorns.

Something else we also do is to select a few of the most interesting leaves, arrange them in a laminate pouch and then feed the pouch through the laminating machine. This encases the leaves in plastic as shown below. The children can then take the pouch home as a reminder.


(Beware: laminating leaves is probably not recommended by the laminating machine manufacturer!!)


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